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Emily Fleisher mothafucker
Currently: Getting my GED, Employed, single idc
I try and post my own pictures and original posts more than i reblog other people's stuff. I can't stand the fact that no one posts their own stuff yet claim so much originality.
Enjoy dat sheeet

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Just made a twitter AHHAAAHAHA

follow me :) - 


they try to put me down but it makes me more ambitious 

Joking? ha I wish, but ive also accepted the fact that lifes a bitch

smoking my inspiration 

fucking helmet got stuck :< hahha


Legalize already bitch.

"When I was your age I dreamed of raising pokemon not babies"

idfk hahaha

lol nicolieeee-oo0o00ooo

work $ 

iknow it sucks from nineeee to fiveee but errything will be alriteeeee

i wonder if i died would tears come to their eyes
forgive me for my disrespect, forgive me for my liesss

my hairs fadinggg to pink

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